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Thanks to our more than 15 years working in the team building sector, Event Dayton is able to assist you in putting together and orchestrating the ultimate team building in Dayton event for your organization, group, or company. Our crew will handle everything so that you can sit back and enjoy the event with your group.

Corporate team building is one of our core area services. We at Event Dayton are thrilled to be based in a city that offers nearly unlimited fun group opportunities for your next corporate team building event, both inside and outside.

We offer a fun, unique, and action packed vision of Dayton Team Building that you simply can not get anywhere else. Our staff goes out of their way to encourage trust, teamwork, and growing interpersonal relationships in each and every team building event that we produce. The mission of our company is to craft a thrilling team experience that will leave everyone participating with a positive lasting impression.

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Bike Team Building

The bike team building event begins with a bike completely disassembled but there’s a twist – it’s missing some key parts. To get all of your parts, your team will have to work together to successfully complete tasks and challenges. For every successfully completed challenge, you get a part. The first team done wins. After the event, all bikes are donated to organizations that help children in need. While your group is having a great time and growing together, you are also improving the life of a child, making this a win-win situation and activity. Some of our receiving charities have included the National Youth Adoption Program, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Dragonfly Foundation.

Game Shows

Our game shows are a great way to bring your people together in fun yet competitive environment.  In our game shows, your teams work either competitively or cooperatively to build morale and team building skills. Included in our choice of game shows are the following: Fast Paced Trivia, 60 Second Challenge, Name the Right Price, and the Fabulous Feud. We can even personalize the game to your group if you provide company or team information on one of your latest initiatives.

Murder Mystery Party

Our Murder Mystery parties (and dinners) put your guests in the middle of a crime scene. This challenge will force your team to solve puzzles, follow clues, and determine who committed the crime. This activity tests your teams ability to analyze clues, connect the dots, and determine who committed the crime. You can even theme design our Murder Mystery team building activities to make them twice as fun. Our themes for the Murder Mystery Teams include these ideas: Wild West, Under the Big Top, Medieval and Renaissance, Mafia, and any holiday.

Spy School

Most people long to have an action packed, adventure-filled life like James Bond 007. Your team will love being immersed in the Spy School team building experience where they can learn spy skills, compete through spying activities, and learn what it means to be the ultimate spy. These activities are great for testing your teams ability to problem solve, communicate, and work together.  You and your team will be amazed as they develop these new skills in a fun filled team building atmosphere.

Stage Shows

Have you considered putting together a show for your ultimate team building experience? If your team loves to be hands on, impressed, and laugh out loud, then we have several amazing shows that fit the bill. Many of our shows are interactive meaning that folks will actually be participating in the event as well as watching. Our comedy shows are hilarious and our comedy magic shows are as amazing as they are funny. We have a very popular hypnotism show that will delight and mystify your team. And for those who like the darker side of entertainment, we’ve recently added a Carnival Side Show that has become a crowd favorite.

Casino Parties

Our Casino Party team building event provide activities for teams of every skill level. Maybe your team would like to learn to play at a new table game or maybe they know their way around a Texas Hold’em table and want to show off their game playing skills. We have games for all skill levels so no one is left out. Our tables are professional crafted by our in-house furniture builder, our chips are authentic Vegas-styled chips, and our dealers are professionals. Casino parties can make for the perfect night and event for your upcoming team building activity.

Team Building That Produces Results Doesn’t Just Happen

We’ve been in the team building business long enough to know that it takes planning and communication to create the ultimate team building event. Whether you have a small group or hundreds of people, we can plan a team building experience that is customized for your organization that brings everyone together in a competitive yet fun and exciting setting.

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