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Dayton’s Best Murder Mystery Party Planner

Murder Mystery Parties are an idea whose time has arrived in a big way. More and more businesses in the Ohio area are showing an interest in having a Murder Mystery Party in Dayton. When you are ready to look into making such a dream become a reality, our company is the one to call.

We come prepared with everything that you could possibly need for an exciting evening filled with mystery. Our team arrives early to set up all clues and props in the audience room. We will establish the crime scene and put information on each and every table. We even bring out our own costumes to have them ready for your participating guests.

Why Choose Us

Our company is the best choice for your particular event. Here are some of the reasons:

  • We use custom scripts in all of our Murder Mysteries
  • We come with small and large props to each event we produce
  • Our crew arrives early
  • Our actors are always all professionals
  • Our company has been producing murder mysteries now for 20 years
  • Our scripts can be tailored to your particular event
  • Our company can help make your fundraiser a success with our unique and effective ideas for fundraising

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(855) 921-5454

We’ve Been Creating Killer Crime Scenes for Over 10 Years

We Love A Crowd!

The bigger the crime scene the better. We can handle murder mystery parties of all sizes – from 20 to 300+.  Not only do we like big groups, we also include your guests in our scripts. That’s right, your guests will actively participate in either committing the crime or figuring out “who done it”. One things is certain, your guests will have the time of their life.

Custom Written Scripts

We take great pride in the fact that each and every one of our murder mystery dinners includes a custom in-house written script. Our mystery parties are not bought out of a box. This means that your guests will never have played our mystery before the night of your event. We adjust our scripts to match your group. We can say all of this with complete confidence because we custom write all of our murder mystery dinners personally.

We’re Not Just Actors

We’re also professional jugglers, fire-eaters, magicians and entertainers. This way you get to enjoy two shows for the price of one. The variety in our scripts is unprecedented. Your guests will be stunned watching our actors eating fire, juggling sharp swords, and doing amazing magic in front of them.

Custom Written Scripts

We don’t buy our scripts or hire writers to write them for us – we write them in-house. They’re fun, exciting, and full of suspense!

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Holiday Murder Mystery

We promise that you will laugh out loud at the outrageous characters and costumes we bring. With our holiday themed script, your guests will participate if finding out who’s behind our crazy holiday caper. This is truly an unforgettable way to spend your company’s annual holiday party.

Team Building Is Murder

Tragedies have a great way of bringing people together. Our company and players will provide the necessary murder to make it possible. These packages in team building make it easy for your team to gasp, laugh, solve the puzzles, follow the clues, and determine who committed the murder. We call this the ideal team building activity that plays to all talents of the team members.

Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Raising funds with murder mystery dinners is both smart and effective. These shows prove to be fantastic fundraisers. You can have charges for entry, for drinks, and you can set up a donations table too. We can also help you get creative in fundraising while the mystery is ongoing.

We Book Our Parties Months In Advance, We’d Love To Hear From You Too!

If you are ready to talk about your very own Murder Mystery Party, call us today. We have unique scripts and professional actors ready to take your event to the next level. Our team will help to ensure that your evening is a great success, whether it is intended for entertainment or fundraising purposes as well.

Our Clients

For More Information Call:

(855) 921-5454