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Indoor versus Outdoor Team Building Events

Whether you are looking for an activity to strengthen the bond between your sports team, church group, or employees, then you have a lot of things to consider before getting started. Although planning team building events may require a lot of dedication, they are vital for your team’s success as it is essential to the health of your company’s culture and employee productivity. While there are a variety of benefits for hosting team building events, you should be mindful to plan the best event for your team. This requires a lot of consideration in regards to your team’s needs and goals. After assessing your team’s needs, it is time to begin planning and prepping for the day of the event. While you may want to start by selecting a good day for everyone to come together, you should also consider the venue of the location. It is imperative that you reserve the venue prior to the date of the event to prevent mishaps or mistakes. The venue is also significant as it can greatly contribute to the enthusiasm and energy levels of the guests. With the right location you can inspire stronger bonds between your team’s members.

Benefits of Team Building Events

There are a wide variety of benefits to hosting team building events. In addition to allowing coworkers the opportunity to connect on a deeper level, team building events can break down barriers, motivate employees, promote creativity, develop critical problem-solving skills, and facilitate better communication. These benefits will definitely contribute to a more positive work environment and culture and help tackle some deep rooted issues that may be affecting your team. Additional benefits of team building events include:

  • Improves morale and leadership skills
  • Finds the barriers that prevent creativity
  • Clearly defines objectives and goals
  • Improves processes and procedures
  • Improves organizational productivity
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves the ability to problem solve

Planning a Successful Team Building Event

Team building events are highly beneficial regardless of what type of team you are on. Whether you are hosting the event for a sports team, a church group, or your employees, a team building event can be a great interacting activity for your team to build a stronger bond. To ensure your event is a success you should assess what your team’s needs and goals are. If you are looking for a fun event for your team to enjoy, you should consider a recreational team building activities. This can be a fun and friendly game of bowling or a company picnic. If you are looking to make more of a lasting impact on your team, you should consider hosting a more intentional team building event. Intentional team building events maintain the entertaining element, but features a variety of experiential activities that will ensure your team will leave with a greater awareness of their behaviors and how they impact the team performance. In addition to considering which type of event is best for your team, you may also want to consider and reserve the venue for the event. The venue is vital to the success of your event as it can greatly impact your guests energy levels and enthusiasm. When selecting the venue, consider whether you want the event to be held indoors or outdoors, as there are a variety of benefits and disadvantages of both depending on the type of team building event you are hosting.

Outdoor Team Building Events

There are a variety of benefits to hosting a team building event outdoors. If you are planning to hosting a recreational event, hosting your event outdoors can provide your team with free and open space and the luxury to move around comfortably. Whether you are hosting a company’s picnic or a scrimmage sports game, you may want to consider hosting your event outdoors. In addition to unrestricted space, outdoors team building events have a natural appeal. If you are planning an event during warmer weather consider hosting your event outside to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics. While the weather can be a positive advantage of hosting your team building event outdoors, it can also negatively impact your event. As no one can predict the weather 100 percent of the time, your event can be cancelled due to weather restrictions. Although the fickleness of mother nature may not completely cancel your event, it is recommended to schedule a backup plan in the case of inclement weather.

Examples of outdoor team building events include: Company Picnics, Inflatable Rentals, & Scavenger Hunts

Indoors Team Building Events

On the other hand, indoor events are a great solution for some of the issues and concerns of hosting outdoor team building events. For example, indoor facilities are less likely to be affected by the weather outside. Hosting your team building event indoors can ensure your guests won’t have their activities disrupted and experience the occasional discomfort that deters people from being out in open areas. Although there are a variety of benefits to indoor facilities, there are a few things you may want to consider before selecting the venue:

    • Enough space to accommodate the activities and size of your group.
    • Electrical outlets, A/V Equipment, and any other necessary equipment.
    • Is preferably off-site.

Examples of indoor team building events include: Casino Parties, Game Shows, & Murder Mystery

Wrapping Things Up

Whether the event be inside or out – team building events are a sure-fire way to get your employees being part of an organization who cares about their well-being. They also come with the added benefit of improved productivity and moral which is always good for business!