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Casino Night Fundraisers In Dayton, OH

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Casino Party Fundraisers are events where guests get to experience the thrill of Las Vegas without the travel and expense – in this case, Vegas comes to you. That’s generally the idea with all casino parties but with casino party fundraisers there’s a charitable component where the event is organized in a way that generates charitable contributions without gambling with real money.

If you think about it, these fundraisers are a win for everyone involved. The organizers get to host an event that gains exposure and donations for their cause and the guests get a Las Vegas experience without the Las Vegas expense.

It’s important to point out that at a casino fundraiser, no money exchanges hands in the form of gambling wins or loses – that’s usually illegal without a license. Contributions are instead collected in the form of sponsorships, food & drink sales, and other forms of donating money that doesn’t involve gambling or betting.

At Event Dayton, our job is to help people like you organize and execute casino fundraisers with the least amount of stress and maximize the contributions earned through fundraising activities. We’ve helped 100’s of organizations over the years and would love the opportunity to help you plan your next event!

Consider Your Goal & Budget

How much money do you have to allocate toward the event? How much money (donations) do you want to raise?

Lets say you have a budget of $8000 and a goal of making $12,000. And plan on 150 attendees – give or take.

The old saying: “You have to spend money to make money” rings true when planning a casino fundraiser. Basic expenses for a casino night fundraiser include tables and dealers, food and drink, space to have the party, music and other entertainment. There’s also a marketing aspect that will cost money too. Sponsors will be a large portion of your revenue and the more visible your event is online and around town, the more attractive your sponsorship packages will look to potential business and donors. Depending on your entertainment requirements, $8000 should cover the casino tables, dealers, food, folding tables and chairs, music and a reasonable venue for the evening.

Now that your expenses are covered, the fun part begins – raising the money to cover your expenses as well as meet your goal of $12,000.

How To Raise Money

At this point you’ve committed $8,000 to your fundraiser and have a goal of raising $12,ooo for your cause. To cover your expenses AND make your goal the total revenue generated from your fundraiser event has to be $20,000! That’s a lot of money but very possible to accomplish by using some or all of the methods below.

  • Ticket Sales – Sell tickets for the event at $75 to 150 people and your over half way there. ($11,250)
  • Sponsors – You can also sell advertising space on your marketing materials – online and offline. Remember, the more visible your event is, the more attractive it is to potential sponsors. You can also have companies sponsor the gaming tables. If you found 10 businesses to sponsor your event for $300 each, you’d now have generated $14,250 before the party even started.
  • Auctions: Live and/or silent – ask local business if they would like to donate to the event. Examples might include gift baskets, donated items from local artisans, day spa gift certificates…the list is endless. Make sure the business understands that they’ll be recognized at the event.
  • Additional Chips – Vegas wasn’t build on winners! Even though it’s all funny money, people are going to go broke and want to continue to play. Seems reasonable to request a small donation for another round of chips.
  • 50/50 Raffles – 50/50 raffles are a staple at any fundraiser, casino or not. They work by selling raffle tickets and then draw a winner at the end of the night. Half of the pot goes to the charity and half of the pot goes to the winning raffle ticket holder.

There are dozens of ways to maximize the money you raise from your event and what is outlined above is a very hypothetical example. The most important thing you can do from the start is set very realistic and specific goals. Once you’ve set you’re goal, then you can start organizing your event.

Games To Offer At Your Casino Fundraiser

We offer a wide range of games and casino tables that will make your event fun for everyone, from the seasoned Vegas pro to the person who’s never wagered a penny on any game. Below is a list of what we offer and who the games are best suited.

Black JackEasy
Casino WarEasy
Big Six WheelEasy
Texas Hold'emModerate
Let It RideModerate
Three Card PokerModerate
Craps for BeginnersModerate
Craps (Full Game)Expert
Hermit Crab RacingSpecialty
Horse Race TrackSpecialty
Fast Fish RacingSpecialty
Cash CubeSpecialty
Break The BankSpecialty

Decor for your Casino Themed Fundraiser

Our casino decor is second to none! Everything we have in our decor inventory is customized or hand-crafted to provide you and your guests and authentic Vegas-styled experience. Below is just a sample of what we have to offer.

Providing Additional Entertainment

We’re an event and entertainment company and while casino events are one of our most popular events, we bring so much more to the table. We have a wide variety of entertainment options to include fire eaters, magicians, stage shows, living statues, and some hi-tech entertainment that sure to pique your curiosity.

In addition to entertainment, we also have tables, chairs, tents, stages, and a plethora of other party related items available for rent. Give us a call and we’ll connect you with a party planner to get the process started. Remember, we’ve been doing this for years and have it down to a science. We’ll make your next casino fundraiser amazing!

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