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Is Team Building For Everyone?

Team building is an essential part of bringing members of an organization or company together, creating a sense of unity and shared goals. According to Forbes, team building is the most important investment that you will make. Not only does it help to improve morale and leadership skills among a group of individuals, it builds organizational productivity, work relationships and trust. While different people may enjoy different kinds of team building exercises, activities that can ignite a deeper bond and respect among employees are always a good idea for the workplace.

Breaking the Ice

If you work at a large company with various locations, you may not know everyone, especially if your departments do not typically interact. By participating in a team building activity, you will have the opportunity to put a name to a face. This will also give you a chance to build rapport and have a better understanding of your colleagues. In a regular work setting, it may not be typical or practical for someone to go around and talk to every employee. However, at a team building retreat, you will be able to meet more of your coworkers and break the ice. There may be someone who you can never seem to remember their name, or people who you recognize but never engaged in conversation. A retreat can be the perfect outing to get to know them.

Building Respect

While you may work at the same company, you may have no idea what your coworkers do or how their work affects what you do. Team building activities do not have to include any talk about work. However, once you become familiar and friendly with your colleagues, you may feel more comfortable with talking with them after the retreat about work-related topics. By creating a level of mutual respect, trust will also be developed within time, allowing you to better collaborate in the workplace.

Identifying Strengths

The right team building activities will highlight your strengths. Engaging in these activities will not only build your confidence, they will enable your team members to look at you in another light. By highlighting your leadership skills as well as your ability to be a team player, your colleagues will identify you as someone who they are proud to call a team member. By sharing a sense of pride with your colleagues, you can better embrace the workplace culture and values with ease.

Understanding Work Styles

Not everyone works the same way. Introverts, ambiverts and extroverts need different tools and atmospheres to be their most productive selves to lead to great success, and it is essential to respect their differences. By being able to identify key differences in the personalities of your colleagues, you can better adapt to their work styles. If you understand how your work style may differ from your colleagues, you can create respectful ways to compromise and make it work as you may be responsible for shared goals.

Developing New Relationships

Even if you are not everyone’s best friend at work, you can still develop a tight bond with the people who you spend at least seven hours of the day working alongside one another. Team building activities can be perceived as corny or a waste of time if they are not done correctly or in the right environment. However, if executed effectively, colleagues will find themselves laughing, learning about each other and enjoying the break from the typical work day. A day full of team building activities can be refreshing, and new relationships with colleagues can be a great outcome.

Solving Problems

A good team building exercise allows you to be creative and think critically. When doing so, you will be able to push yourself and your team to become more strategic thinkers as well as workers. By successfully completing team building exercises, you will be able to embrace problems, solve crises and keep the team morale high, while addressing these issues. As you strengthen your current workplace connections through team building, you will be better equipped to work as a team when you return to work and experience last-minute deadlines or must complete goals within a tight time frame.

Improving Communication

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your superiors or giving directions to your juniors, team building can help you strengthen these relationships and assist you in developing skills to be assertive at work. Opening the lines of communication can rebuild any broken relationship, allowing you to work better with your team. Team building helps to remove the pressure that you might feel in your typical work setting, enabling you to focus on solely repairing, creating or furthering your communication with your colleagues.

Sharpening Creativity

Because of the hectic nature of the workplace, employees can struggle to find time to offer creative options and solutions to current problems. After a team building experience, people may feel more refreshed and inspired to explore new ways to make changes in your department that achieve short and long-term success.

Getting Visibility

Team building days can allow management to see you play well with others. If you have experienced a less than stellar review in the past or have had a difficult time at work recently, this is a great opportunity for you to redeem yourself. By showing enthusiasm for team building, you will be demonstrating a love and appreciation for improving the work culture, which will be received well by your bosses. No matter your ranking, being a collaborative leader during a team building retreat will leave a strong impression. It will also allow people to see your skills and talents, reminding them of your contributions to the company.

Whether it’s camping, a drinking outing, trivia or another interesting team building activity that management decides would be best for your specific workplace, taking part in these exercises and events can build positivity, morale and team spirit among coworkers. After participating in these activities with your colleagues, you will feel more connected and aligned with the vision of your company. Team building can also spark new ideas on how to create teams among different departments or within one department in order to achieve better results in the future.